Question 2: How are classrooms and schools today different than they were 20 years ago?

LCD projectors
Technology in general
More testing - standardized, high-stakes, EOGs (End of Grade Tests)
More diverse - mainstreaming - socioeconomic
We are now more student centered
Harkness method used
More confused teachers - so much to do now
More to learn
Expectations have changed for students & teachers
Home resources
Students have more access to more information
Easy now to connect to experts
Before sources were vetted - now they google - Need to evaluate info
School used to be more interesting than the outside world
Collaboration and cross-curricular
More aware of globalization - and bring the classroom to the world
Role of the teacher changed - more a facilitator role
More parent input now - questioning what a teacher does
Lost trust in our teachers?
Kids expect more from teachers
Digital divide has grown larger and has more consequences
More rows 20 years ago.
More communication routes with parents